How Can I Repair a Patch of Carpet?

If a section of your carpet is damaged, you would be pleased to know you can patch that area instead of replacing the carpet. For minor damages, it is possible to fix them yourself. We outline the steps in this blog. But for considerable damage, companies in Canada specialize in such repairs. You would have to contact a carpet patching company in Toronto or near you. 


If you’re fixing a minor damage yourself, here’s what you’ll need:

  • A piece of spare carpet
  • A piece of fabric or cloth
  • Measuring tape
  • Utility knife
  • Carpet adhesive

These items are DIY necessities for fixing small patches. Other carpet tools and carpet tape can make the task easier and smoother.

Follow these steps to repair a patch on your carpet:

Step 1 – Cut off the damaged area

Make a square or rectangle shape around the damaged area. Cut out the part carefully using the knife. Cutting the carpet might be difficult, so you’ll need to apply some force. But take care to avoid hitting the padding. Cut around the square or rectangle shape and remove the piece. 

Step 2 – Measure the size to extract the correct piece of carpet and fabric

Use the tape to measure the size of the spare carpet you will need. Measure the square or rectangle shape to extract the accurate size from the spare. Cut out what you need from your spare carpet, which should be a leftover from the first installation. If there are no remnants, cut a piece from an area in the room that is hidden from sight. Examples of such areas can be beneath the closet, shelf, etc. Also, measure and cut out a small piece of fabric. Let the fabric be slighter larger than the cut piece of carpet and the square, maybe by half or one inch.

Step 3 – Apply the carpet adhesive 

Apply the adhesive around the square or rectangle edge and on the fabric. Carefully apply it, so you don’t spill it on the padding.

Step 4 – Place the carpet patch in the cut part

Position the patch so it is facing the same direction as the whole carpet in your room. Press down the patch into the square or rectangle hole. Use your fingers to rumple the edges slightly so that it blends with the carpet.

Do not vacuum until the adhesive dries properly. This can take eight to twelve hours. 

Final remark

Patching a damaged carpet in your home is easy to do as long as it’s a small section. Using a carpet tool, you can simply cut out the torn or burnt part and follow the outlined steps above to fix that section. Bigger burns or damage require a professional for a smooth job. If your carpet is faded, the patched area will be clearly visible due to the newer-looking piece. A professional will know what to do to fix this problem. Though for minor damages, it may not be too noticeable.