How to Handle Anxiety and Fear During a Clinic Visit

Many people experience a fear of the medical setting when they have an appointment with a doctor. It is often known as iatrophobia, which happens to people of all ages. For some people, it stems from previous experiences with a medical doctor. 

Others have it from watching their friends and loved ones suffering in the hospital. Whatever the cause is, here are some simple steps to use when you’re anxious about a doctor’s appointment.

Clinic Visit

Prepare for the appointment

Set an appointment when you’re not busy to get time to prepare mentally. Suppose you are going to the first appointment with a new doctor; research about them before. Most medical clinics have their information on websites like the dental clinic Peterborough

A website or social media profile will help you get familiar with the medical clinic and staff. Another way to prepare is to write down what makes you fear going to the doctor. Some reasons include the following:

  • Fear of syringes or other medical equipment 
  • Past negative experiences with a doctor
  • Fear of seeing blood or injuries
  • Fear of the outcome of the doctor’s appointment/diagnosis
  • Fear of some medical procedures, such as drawing blood
  • Fear of pain 

Talk with the doctor about the feelings you have to relieve your anxiety. Ask questions about the procedures and the time they will take. Talking with the doctor and asking questions can help to release some tension. 

Try relaxation techniques before going to the doctor

Look for something that you love to do which improves your mood. It could be a hobby or a place you like to visit that makes you feel better. If it’s a close place, visit it or do that activity before going to a doctor’s appointment. 

You can also try meditation to understand your anxiety and learn how to cope with it. Practice anxiety-releasing exercises, such as heavy breathing and stretching. They will help you control your stress and release any negative thoughts.

Go to an appointment with someone you trust 

Finding someone you are familiar with to accompany you to a doctor’s appointment gives you a sense of security. Have someone who understands your Fear and makes you feel confident. They can distract you from your Fear and talk you through the anxiety. 

See a therapist if the Fear is intense 

Some cases require counseling with a professional. If you cannot get through the Fear of getting to the doctor, it is better to see a counselor. They can help you understand the source of the anxiety and help you to find ways to manage the Fear. It is crucial if the Fear hinders you from getting critical medical care. 

Going in for a doctor’s appointment is usually nerve-racking. However, anxiety level varies; some people are more nervous than others. As highlighted, there are many interventions to use and cool down your anxiety level. 

Not all the methods work for everyone; you need to practice and see which suits you. However, talk to your health provider when you cannot manage the anxiety. Talk to us if you are looking for a healthcare provider that understands your Fear.