How to Tell if Your Store Bought Flowers Are Sustainable and Eco-friendly

Like energy and food, do you know that flowers, too, come from sources that may or may not be eco-friendly? Some cut flowers come from more sustainable sources than others. Therefore, these types are the best choices when it comes to buying flowers from a store. This blog will share four signs that your store bought flowers are good for the environment. 

Store Bought Flowers

The flowers are locally sourced 

One way to tell that the flower is sustainable is if it is grown locally. That is why buying from a local florist in your area is better. Luckily, finding a flower store in Mississauga that sells locally sourced flowers is easy. Most of them grow flowers within Canada. Buying flowers from the nearest florist to you is great for the environment. It reduces carbon emissions due to transportation. Also, it is easy to ask the florist about sustainable practices. Some flowers are imported into the country. This leads to enormous carbon emissions when transporting them.

Additionally, imported flowers need chemicals to preserve them and to comply with the import protocols. That is why you should ask if the flowers are grown locally or imported. If they are grown locally, they are eco-friendly. 

The containers are reusable/recyclable

Flower vases come in different types. A sustainable vase should be reusable many times or recyclable. Hence, you need to confirm from the florist what type of container it is. A good florist who engages in sustainable practices will encourage you to reuse your vase as often as possible. The flower should come in such containers. Or the ones that are easily recycled.

The flower is in its season

If your store bought flowers are in their blooming season, it is one of the surest signs they are sustainable. The reason is you won’t need to use additional energy to keep them. Flowers not in bloom usually require artificial light to sustain them. It results in additional energy consumption, which is not good for the environment. But having fresh flowers in their season does not require artificial lights.

No floral foams

A great way to tell that your flowers are eco-friendly is the absence of floral foams. These foams are not environmentally friendly. They contain large amounts of plastics and are not biodegradable. Florists use these foams to arrange flowers for table tops or centerpieces. But reusable and recyclable vases are much better alternatives. The absence of foams beneath the flower arrangements shows eco-friendly florist practices.

In addition to these signs, check that the ribbons are also recyclable. These signs tell you whether your florist is engaging in sustainable practices. Identifying eco-friendly flowers is easy with these points, whether it’s a wedding, gift, or other occasions. Limiting your carbon footprint does not have to stop here. After using the flowers, you can donate them to care homes, hospitals, and other places like these. You can reuse the vases as much as possible until they degrade completely.