What does a face wand do?

A face wand is a facial sculpting wand that uses acoustic sound waves under the skin’s surface to make the skin shiny and get a firm tone.

Acne problems treatment with acoustic waves:

A popular skincare technique uses high-frequency waves for various conditions, including acne management, wrinkles problem management, and to get rid of fine lines, enlarged pores and puffy dark eyes.

To fully understand the concept of high frequency, we have to understand the science behind its creation and what benefits this is imparting to our skin.

History of high-frequency treatment:

In the 1980’s Nikola Tesla was a scientist who discovered the first high-frequency appliance known as ‘Violet Ray’. Before the invention of modern antibiotics, these rays offered several functions that have been employed for medical reasons, such as healing wounds and strep throat.

Jacques- Arsene d’ Arsonval (French Biochemist):

He introduced the concept of high-frequency currents to treat mucous membranes and skin diseases. High frequency is also known as ‘Tesla current’.

European salons in 1970:

These salons discovered the healing and cosmetic benefits electric-level stimulation for human skin.

In 1980’s: 

In 1980, skincare professionals in North America. Widely used this skincare technology.

Non-invasive and a very safe approach for rejuvenating skin became the number one treatment for many skin conditions ranging from hair loss to wrinkles to acne.

The Science:

Treating of your body and face’s contour using a high-frequency electrode made of glass is the principle of all high-frequency facial machines.

When applied to the skin, a mild electric current is passed through its surface, and a glowing light and noise is emitted.

Colour of the light:

The electrodes produce a blue or neon red light. 

Acne-prone skin:

The skin which is prone to acne can be treated with violet or blue light.

Ageing skin:

Skin with aging effects is rejuvenated with high-frequency red light.

Both lights are effective despite their concern with skin care.

Mechanism of action of High-frequency application to skin:

This treatment causes the formation of oxygen with high-frequency waves that produce an anti-bacterial action. Nutrients and the hydrated volume of skin are increased. The level of elastin and collagen is increased due to increased blood circulation. Skin becomes instantly energized, and softness comes on the skin just after the treatment.

Type of skin problems: 

Any skin lesion ranges from burns and acne to cold sores. A safe approach to skin rejuvenation is the high-frequency facial. It results in the fast healing and restoring of the softness and elasticity of your skin.

Does high frequency has anti-bacterial action:

When the concentration of oxygen is increased on skin, it results in the killing of acne-producing bacteria. Circulation is increased, resulting in blood detoxification, contracting the blood vessels, and minimizing the red, inflamed skin.

To recapitulate, the face wand is the high-frequency treatment of skin with the help of waves, which can be used for any type of skin tone with acne and cold sores. It results in healthy, glowing and smooth skin.