3 Reasons To Never Try To Install A Septic Tank By Yourself (Or With The Help Of Your Friends)

For most homeowners, installing a DIY septic tank is not their cup of tea.

It involves digging large trenches, making accurate measurements, and dealing with a lot of waste. Hence, if you or your friends do not have the expertise, taking on this work is not going to be a wise thing to do. 

In case you are not convinced, we will tell you about the top three reasons why this is a bad idea. 

Septic Tank

3 Reasons To Never Try To Install A Septic Tank By Yourself (Or With The Help Of Your Friends)

1. Contains Biohazards And Toxic Gases 

If you have an old septic tank that you want to replace with a new one, do not do it yourself. There are poisonous gases in these tanks (like methane), which may cause suffocation and other health issues if dismantled incorrectly. 

Call up a reliable Bethany septic tank installation service and let the professionals take over the job for you. They have all the know-how to perform a safe installation. 

2. Safety Gears And Professional Equipment Needed

The task of installing a septic tank usually involves:

  • Digging a huge trench
  • Fitting in a septic tank
  • Attaching toilet pipes and drain pipes

If you do not have prior experience, it is best not to take on this process, as you run the risk of getting injured. Moreover, you may not be able to make accurate measurements, and the water and waste may flow back into your toilets. This can be disastrous from the get-go, and you may spend a lot more money on repairs. 

3. Unearthing Power Or Gas Lines 

Several other lines may run underground (where the tank is to be installed), including gas lines, communication lines, plumbing pipes, and power lines.

If you don’t know their exact location and begin digging a trench, you may accidentally unearth one of these lines, or worse, damage them. Not only will this account for hefty repair costs, but you may also face penalties from utility companies and the state regulations. 

That is not all- you also risk contaminating the groundwater with fecal matter and other organic waste if you are not careful while installing the tank. This may cause major environmental and health problems, and a large-scale repair will need to be done. 

Power lines, too, can be dangerous, and you may get electrocuted if you are not careful. 

Final Thoughts

Long story short, septic tank care should be left to professionals who have the right tools and expertise to handle them. While you may find the tank to be easily approachable, do not lift the lid and try to go in. 

Don’t wait any longer and save yourself all the trouble by hiring a septic tank installation service today!